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MDF Painting and Power Washing, LLC

MDF Painting and Power Washing, LLC


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About Us

Residential & commercial painting experts in Greenwich, Norwalk, & nearby

Since 1995, MDF Painting & Power Washing has always made it our goal to exceed our customers' expectations for painting excellence. Working on the tenets of honesty, integrity, and excellence, we strive for perfection in everything we do.

We specialize in providing both interior and exterior painting for properties all throughout state. Whether it's a small home or a commercial building designed to hold hundreds, you can count on our painters to get the job done quickly and thoroughly. By working with a wide range of different manufacturers, we are able to offer an impressive selection of color options so you can choose the perfect look for your needs.

We also offer a variety of other services including pressure washing and deck staining. So if you want to protect your deck without compromising its natural beauty, or thoroughly clean tricky exterior surfaces, then our experts have you covered.

Ready to start your painting, deck staining, or pressure washing project? Contact us today and schedule your free estimate in Greenwich, Stamford, Norwalk, and nearby!

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Fresh paint for a fresh exterior look!
Painting with a personal touch!
Exterior painting prep.
Adding new paint or stain will add to the unique beauty of your home!
Prep work to add new paint and color to this exterior.
Garage painting in progress.
Dedicted crews paint homes fast!
Fresh paint can make you fall in love with your home all over again!
Let MDF complete your dream home with a new white fence!
Painters finished staining this deck just in time for summer!
Fence staining after pressure washing.
Deck sanding before a new stain job for a repeat customer.
Our deck painting services will have you enjoying the outdoors without leaving your home!
Freshly stained steps are perfect for welcoming you home!
Taking staining and painting jobs to new heights!
MDF Painters can handle any painting project!
Our painters will paint your home and treat it with the upmost care.
No matter how dark the color, MDF painters can change it.
If you're moving, let MDF welcome you to the neighborhood by painting your home!
It's hard to compete with the fine art on these walls, but the MDF painted this interior beautifully!
Cleaning the roof and siding with the power washer!
Painting the homes and the sky throughout Connecticut!
A perfect paint job ended with a customer selfie!
Garage repairs completed before new paint.
Deck staining during a full exterior paint project.
Power washing reveals a brighter exterior!
Sanding in progress for these wooden shingles before new paint.
MDF painters take safety and sanitation seriously!
Our employees are easily reconizable when working at your home.
Power washing prep work before staining.
"Italo was outstanding! He worked diligently and was meticulous!" MDF will impress you with our paint jobs and the people we hire
Turn your backyard into your oasis this summer with power washing, deck staining, & exterior painting! ??
Exterior painting prep for this shingle siding.
For a clean you can see, call MDF at 203-542-9547 to power wash and sanitize your home!
MDF takes care of customers of all ages!
MDF hats top off the uniform!
"I was impressed by the professional courtesy and follow up!"
MDF painters inspect each job to make sure it's perfect!
This freshly painted home is looking very patriotic! We hope you have a wonderful holiday weekend!
The MDF family wishes you a Happy Fourth of July! We hope you and your loved ones are safely celebrating!
MDF is ready to work!
MDF kicked off the long holiday weekend with a BBQ and training!
MDF working together.
The MDF office girls get together for a socially distant selfie during the cookout.
Crew Leader Gustavo preps for his evaluation by tinting the wood filler and laying down a protective tarp.
Thank you so much! MDF loves getting hand-written notes like these! Be on the lookout for the next edition of our newsletter!.
 Brighten your home with a bold front door color! ??
Exterior painting in progress.
Painting crew evaluations at the MDF warehouse.
"Your employees really impressed me! Everything was great!"
"I already recommended..." Have you heard about our referral rewards program? If your recommend MDF to a friend, we'll send you a Visa gift card when they contract a job with us!
Freshly painted door in a beautiful red!
All of our customers love MDF employees!
Rewarding crew leaders for a job well done! Thank you guys!
Stephanie loves to meet new people! She helps with scheduling, and speaks with crew leaders each week!
We turn paint jobs into works of art!
Paint crews work together to complete this project.
Painting prep work for a repeat customer!
Everyone in your family will approve of MDF's employees!
Write about your positive experiences with MDF! We love to read them.
Thumbs up for MDF!
Working together to get it done!
Power washing to prep for exterior painting.
Carpentry fixes this rotted piece of siding between garage doors.
MDF has high painting standards
Thank you for the picture and the high praises, Daryn!
MDF can paint any surface!
Painting this textured wall for a brighter basement.
We offer the cleanest paint jobs!
Customers love MDF!
Oby keeps our craftsmanship sharp!
Stephanie goes over standards and scheduling with our crews!
Perfectly painted bathroom is ready for relaxation!
It's always a good time to update your #frontdoordecor!
CHS teamwork!
InPaint Magazine featured Mark DeFrancesco in July 2020!
MDF Painting in InPaint Magazine!
Berkshire Hathaway features MDF on their blog!
MDF practices safety first!
Our Consultant Jamie rocks all the colors of MDF!
After meeting Jamie, you'll understand why everyone loves him!
MDF has leaders go over tips and tricks each Saturday!
MDF employees are always learning and improving!
Gustavo adding the finishing touches to this painting project!
MDF will customize the products we use in your home for the best results!
Gustavo and Bob are happy at work!
"Exceptional! The crew was pleasant and professional! No complaints! I'll refer you in the future!" Thank you, Katie! Ask about our referral rewards program!
"I think you guys are doing a great job! I was so impressed by the quality of work! The crew was also very punctual."
"I was impressed by the crew! Junior, Italo, and Oby were great!"
Power washing set up before new paint.
MDF works harder to make you happy!
Fresh paint added!
Samples painted on this home for the owner to choose the best shad
MDF is the TOP painting company!
Prep work before this new painting project begins!
Repairing and caulking by hand means MDF has great attention to detail!
Adding the finishing touches of paint to this door trim!
MDF employees show off their new badges! They're easily recognizable and friendly.
This painter is cleaning up as this paint dries.
Fresh paint truly transformed this home!
Fresh paint looks fabulous on this home!
New paint matches the house!
If your home was damaged in the #tropicalstorm call MDF for fresh paint and carpentry repairs!
MDF to the rescue! When you see our trucks coming you'll have peace of mind. ??
CHS taking out their boss, Mark DeFrancesco, to a job site!
CHS Bob with Mark DeFrancesco for a commercial painting project!
Hand painting and attention to detail!
President Mark DeFrancesco isn't too important to pick up a paint brush!
Brian called MDF two weeks ago and wanted this project done asap!
MDF painters arrived to sand down and prep for new paint.
After new paint, this home is ready for some #frontdoordecor
MDF employees all have one thing in common: attention to detail!
Power washing this home to prep for new paint.
Sanding off peeling paint.
Sanding off the peeling paint for this deck
Fresh stain!
Gustavo touching up the paint around the front door.
"I was impressed by the expertise of Junior!" Thank you, Rita! All of MDF's employees improve their craft each day!
MDF takes care of your home inside and out!
Sanding prep!
Sanding the peeling paint off this home!
We always share how much customers love us, and we also love them! Thank you to Linda for the sweet reminder!
Customers always feel at ease after consulting with Jamie on their painting needs.
MDF always goes above and beyond for their customers!
MDF painters pour dedication into every project! ??
Sanding off the previous paint job.
Adding new primer and paint!
Ladder set up is crucial for safety.
The carpentry team size the cedar shingles that need to be replaced.
New paint for the window trims.
CHS Teles watches the job site.
New primer is added over the repaired shingles.
Beautiful results for this exterior paint job! ??
Shades of white are painted to determine which one is the best for our customer.
Covering the floors to protect this customer's home.
If you're sure you want to update, but undecided about the color, MDF will paint samples on the walls!
This crew has been working hard to restore this historic home! They even took care of the owner when he was sick!
"I was impressed by the courtesy and quality of the services!" Thank you, Barbara!
Our painters are experts when it comes to Sherwin Williams products!
Benjamin Moore Paint products are part of the reason why our painting results are so great!
MDF has been featured in InPaint Magazine several times! This is our most recent article!
Putting customers first makes MDF great!
Painters working hard to prep these stairs for new paint!
Call MDF with your painting ideas! ?? 203-542-9547
MDF is in your neighborhood! We still have slots available for exterior fall projects and interior winter projects! ??
Long-term career opportunities are opening up at MDF Painting! If you know someone, have them call ?? 203-864-3028
Adding to the beauty of this home with fresh stain! ????
"Very careful, diligent. Excellent work and products!" We loved working with you, Lee. Thank you!