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Home Maintenance

About Us

With just the tap of a button, Humming Homes is there for all of your home maintenance and management needs. We provide dedicated in-person and virtual expertise, a pre-vetted vendor network, and 24/7 maintenance support all powered by our app.

Humming Homes is a technology and a service that empowers homeowners. By taking on end-to-end home maintenance, we guarantee you can rest assured knowing that your greatest asset is taken care of. By using Humming Homes, you are given a home coordinator who will develop and enact a personalized maintenance plan according to your needs; vet, schedule and book experts as needed; and if something unexpected happens -- they’re only a message away.

We employ trained trade professionals with decades of experience for any home related issues. Alongside your Home Coordinator, they'll take inventory of your home during the onboarding, step in when there's a major issue, and provide an expert opinion when you need it most. We spent years meticulously piecing together our network of trusted experts, so you'll always get the highest-quality work for a fair price — guaranteed. We put together a recommended maintenance plan specific to your home and market, to help retain and increase your home's value over time.

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