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WERKZY News Release: 2/9/2021

WERKZY: Changing the HOW, WHEN and WHY of WORK 

WERKZY  is the only online marketplace and community for small businesses looking to fill their employment gaps.  We firmly believe that small businesses are the heart and soul of our communities and the backbone of our economy. From full time sales associate to part time bookkeeper to project based logo designer to social media consultant, we are the one stop shop for small businesses looking for professional talent. We aren’t just another job search website - we are a value driven, inclusive, and diverse community empowering small companies and talented individuals to redefine what success looks like, create meaningful and impactful work, and to thrive. 


WERKZY is addressing a twofold problem in the workplace: 

First off,  there is a revolutionary shift in the workforce, a crack in the pavement pre-COVID, that has turned into a massive sinkhole. More than ever, we all care about our health, physical and mental well-being and how we spend our time. Options need to exist for flexible, purposeful and meaningful work. 

Secondly, small businesses have unique hiring needs. This has always been true, but is now more critical than ever.   Small companies need to focus on their core business, and not the painful and time consuming process of networking and word of mouth referrals for their hires. 

OUR SOLUTION: THE WERKZY MISSION - WERKZY is leading the charge on recognizing and celebrating this new model of a non traditional workforce and creating a Gig Economy at a Professional Level. Our solution is creating a mutually beneficial relationship between great talent and small businesses. Hiring the right talent will materially contribute to the bottom line of our businesses, make a greater impact in our communities and provide more meaningful work for the talent. There is a grit, motivation, purpose and passion in a small business that does not always exist in the corporate world. We are celebrating and de-stigmatizing terms like “freelancer” and “outsourcing” in the new landscape of the workforce and economy. We are picturing a world where people make decisions on taking jobs based on compensation, passion and purpose and not simply because they need the benefits offered by large corporations. 

HOW ARE WE DIFFERENT? We are the only job platform exclusively for US based small businesses and talent. WERKZY pre-screens all the jobs and talent. We pride ourselves on having completely transparent pricing and not charging our talent a percentage of their earnings.  We are a one-stop shop focused on the professional needs of any small business irrespective of industry.  Small businesses that offer a service other small companies can use (i.e. a marketing firm looking to work with other small businesses), or talented individuals looking to work with other talented individuals (i.e. a graphic designer looking for an accountant) can also connect with each other through WERKZY. There is a collective movement to improve our current workforce, and WERKZY is a leader in that change. For more information visit


Talia Friedman is the Co-Founder of WERKZY. While still studying at New York University, Talia took an internship at the global auction house, Sotheby’s, and never left. Over the next 18 years of her career at Sotheby’s, Talia held various roles, including most recently as head of the firm’s Los Angeles office. Talia lives in Los Angeles with her husband and three children. While there were many exciting and glamorous moments working for one of the world’s premier auction houses, her most unique professional experience was in college serving as a foot model for a friend’s shoe company.


Asya Geller is the Co-Founder of WERKZY.   After graduating from Cornell University, completing a law degree at Benjamin N. Cardozo School of  Law, and passing the bar, Asya promptly left the legal field and took a job in marketing and ultimately landed in Business Development at Sotheby’s.   After 10 years, Asya left Sotheby’s in December 2019 as Head of Department, Client Development.  Asya currently lives in Greenwich, CT with her husband, Mike, and two young sons. Mike, a small business owner himself, recently created a non-profit arm to his business, Mike’s Organicares, for which Asya is the Director. In addition to co-running WERKZY and managing Organicares, Asya also freelances as a make-up artist for all of her friends’ weddings.