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Webinar - Biden Plans Energy Efficiency Upgrades - 4 Million Buildings

Stamford, CT, November 9, 2020 -Greenwich Chamber of Commerce member Sustainable Tech Alliance ( CEO Charlie Szoradi invites all COC members to attend a free Webinar Thursday November 12th at Noon EST.  Register Here!

In the Webinar - President Elect Biden Plans to Upgrade 4 Million Buildings - What a Biden Presidency Means to Save Energy and Purge Covid-19, Szoradi will discuss:?

  • Biden's Energy Plan and what it means for energy and air disinfection professionals, facility managers, and commercial property owners.
  • Software Technologies that save 15%-40% on HVAC Energy without replacing existing equipment or any upfront costs.
  • Air Disinfection Technologies that allow facilities to operate safely.
  • Prepare to take advantage of future federal policies with Buy American Act (BAA) Compliant Technologies.   
If you would like to contact the Sustainable Tech Alliance please reach out to:
Thomas Cleary - National Sales Director - - 9738096633