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Free Piano Learning Program from Piano Village Foundation

News Release July 6th, 2020: 
Free Piano Learning Program by Non-profit Organization Piano Village Foundation to Support Essential Workers and Their Families During COVID-19 Pandemic 

Piano Village Foundation is a nonprofit organization that has served as an educational platform since 2017. Started in Greenwich, CT, PVF now serves as an international platform dedicated to nurturing one’s musical journey and providing opportunities for youth leadership, guiding students in their efforts to use their passions to make an impact on the community.

In light of the recent COVID-19 pandemic, the PVF Team wants to give special recognition and thanks to all the essential workers that have served their community during this difficult time: From healthcare workers to grocery workers, thank you to everyone on the frontlines that have been working extra hard to protect and serve our communities. To do so, Piano Village Foundation is using its platform to design and provide free (excluding fee for learning materials), remote piano learning that is fun, educational, and effective to all who would like to learn. While music has always been an amazing outlet of expression, harnessing one’s creative energy during this pandemic, Here at Piano Village Foundation, we are dedicated to making music education accessible to everyone who wants to learn.

Whether you simply want to start learning piano as a fun hobby or are thinking of seriously studying the piano, we will provide you a strong foundation for all your future musical endeavors through playing the piano and understanding music theory, regardless of your background in music. There will be eight 30-minute classes over a month starting July 18, with the last session being a celebration of learning, where everyone can showcase their growth in the past sessions. And although this is a special free event, our student leaders are still dedicated to teaching the materials thoroughly and participants will see significant results.

This program is led by Felicia Feng Zhang, President and Advisor of PVF, renown award-winning dual National Certified Piano Teacher and American College of Musicians from the National Music Teacher Association, along with accomplished high school and college students, PVF youth leaders and volunteers Clara Tu (Founder, Youth club President), Eva Zhang (College club Leader and Director), Serena Arnold (Youth club leader), and Alexander Tu ( Co-Founder, Director ) under the instruction of Felicia Feng Zhang’s 3EFM method and remarkable curriculum. These youth leaders have achieved various awards from piano performance, having performed several times in Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Center, etc. in addition to some earning their Artist Diploma in Performance and Pedagogy Gold Medal Certification from the Royal Conservatory of Music.

You will be surprised at how quickly and how much you will learn from this program, learning how to play the piano as early as your first day in class. We hope you will join us on this musical journey.

If you are interested or know anybody who is interested in learning music and piano,  please register online by July 14 to save your virtual seat and we will contact you shortly. For more information, please email: