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Katie DeLuca Presents POCD ''Vision Document'' to Greenwich Neighborhood Associations

On behalf of our Chamber’s Government & Community Affairs Committee, Katie DeLuca, AICP, Director of Planning and Zoning, Town Planner, Zoning Enforcement Coordinator provided an overview of the current Plan of Conservation and Development (POCD) document to the various heads of our town’s neighborhood associations.   In Katie’s words, the POCD is a “vision document”.  The goal is to get the final version of this strategic document to the RTM for approval in December.  Those who wish to view the current draft are invited to go on the Town’s website where it is posted or click here for the PDF.
The plan focuses on six guiding principles:
1) Preserve our community character and sense of place, 2) develop housing opportunities for the future, 3) support top quality educational facilities, 4) sustain and improve our natural environment and landscape, 5) maintain economic vitality and thriving commercial centers and 6) provide the best quality infrastructure, municipal facilities, cultural institutions, and health services and the ways to implement enhancements over the next ten year period.  Any upcoming changes in town must show compliance with the POCD document.  Katie believes that this current plan shows greater focus on implementation than previous ones.  Given our decentralized form of government, the POCD is considered to be a unifying document.  Because topics of concern change regularly, the idea is to formally go to the RTM every two years with updated issues.

Some of the conversation included the following:

  • How can taxpayers who care about their areas of town have a say
  • What is the relationship between DPW and ARC
  • How will the creation of village districts help
  • What is the best way to protect our town from over-development
The Chamber encourages all businesses and residents to view the POCD document and register their opinions, ideas and concerns to Katie DeLuca.
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