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John Traynor, Senior Vice President, Chief Investment Officer, People's United Bank, presented his views of the economy at our Annual Member Meeting and Breakfast November 21st, held at Milbrook Club.

Some takeaways from his presentation:

  • Many of the leading indicators suggest that investors should consider taking risk off the table prior to mid- 2020 and ensuing years.
  • Whereas an investor could previously expect annual portfolio growth of approximately 6% or above on a  60/40 portfolio, this should now be amended more in line to 4.7-5% returns.
  • The current focus on fiscal, instead of monetary, policy is expected to switch.
  • The Fed acts when wage inflation accelerates so investors should keep an eye on that important indicator.

We are grateful to People's United Bank for being our key sponsor for this event and to Mr. Traynor who is much in demand by CNBC, FOX and other national outlets.

Click on the chart below for a sample of slides from Mr. Traynor's presentation.