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How to Get Found Online and Grow Sales - A Recap of Our Digital Marketing Educational Seminar

How to Get Found Online and Grow Sales - A Recap of Our Digital Marketing Educational Seminar
On March 13th, Greenwich Chamber of Commerce held a well-attended Educational Seminar focused on the power of digital marketing. Chamber members and the local community were able to get first-hand tips on how to drive revenue growth by reaching new and existing customers from our host Chamber member Gregg Ruais, founder of Plan2Profit.

What did we learn? Gregg presented five key tools that help drive a powerful online presence for businesses and drive measurable growth.
 GCC Educational Seminar Grow Sales with Online Marketing
1. Social Media
Social media is an inexpensive way to run a measurable campaign. For the most successful campaign:

  • TARGET the right audience
    • i.e., Facebook allows you to identify demographics like location, age, gender, occupation and interests
  • Create an ENTICING OFFER
    • Make it free or an outstanding deal
  • Create COMPELLING CREATIVE copy and design
    • Something timely, relevant and fun
2. Email
Email is the highest ROI channel of all!
Your email contact list is the key to converting sales. The most profitable list is one with your current and past customers, “a buyer is a buyer.”
  • Studies have shown that in some cases a plain text email will get better response rates than html emails.
  • Build an email marketing strategy. Create a 12-month email marketing calendar based on holiday and sales cycles.
3. Increase Your Website Traffic
How can you improve your search engine rankings? There are many steps that were outlined to improve your rankings. To get started you can optimize your website by making sure it is mobile friendly, has easy usability and good page structure. Having an updated listing on Google Maps and listings with links from other sites like Yahoo, Yelp, Yellow Pages, etc. help as well.
4. Provide Useful Content
Only 5% of the people online are looking to buy a specific item vs. 95% who are looking to find out “how to” build or do something. Content marketing is a great way to capture people’s attention and build your brand. Videos are an excellent way to get attention and get multiple page placements.

5. Optimize
Capitalize on what is working and eliminate what is not. Some tools you can use to measure success include: Google Analytics, CRM and offline tracking, coupon redemptions, etc.

It’s a Win-Win-Win!
We are thrilled to hear the positive feedback from our seminar. Our attendees not only benefited from the seminar’s content, but could also take advantage of the great networking opportunities. Chamber member Corporate Executive Offices (CEO) at 75 Holly Hill Lane provided the venue for this educational event gaining great visibility and Plan2Profit is already getting new business leads:

“Thank YOU for allowing me to host the event. I already have several appointments on the calendar from the event, so it's looking good.”
- Gregg Ruais, Plan2Profit

We hope our recap was useful. We welcome your comments and feedback.

Photos © Chamber member Christopher Semmes Photography, Greenwich, CT.

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