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Music Empower Pledge Program--- Online Piano learning with structured award winning method

Offer Valid: 09/13/2020 - 12/14/2020
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Description automatically generatedMelody Flows from Your Soul and Heart in Piano

Welcome to our special "Soul and Heart flow in Piano" program hosted by PVF. We are conducting this special program this fall to teach piano, and we pledge to help our students learn to play piano and fulfill their dreams in an effective and economic way. Your contributions will support our mission of providing our expertise and support to underprivileged kids and helping them exploring the world of music. As a contributor, you will receive a tax-deductible receipt from our PVF 501 C (3) Non-Profit Organization, plus enrollment in the program for your or your family member’s music learning. 
2020 PVF Program to the community:  
  • Free Senior Enlightenment Piano program: Learn how to play the holiday songs through zoom.  Enroll anytime 
  • Music Empower Pledge Program: Ms. Zhang will lead this class for the 2020 pledge program       Class starts on September 13, 2020 from 7:30-8:15 pm
  • Music and Language Fusion Program to afterschool and language school students
Enroll anytime 
Registration form:
This program is under the curriculum of Ms. Felicia Feng Zhang’s remarkable revolutionary method and approach for effective piano learning and enjoyment beyond. 
This session will run from September 13 to December 14 with a Holiday Concert at the end. 
The class length will be 45 minute per week taught via zoom by members of the PVF teaching team. We will follow the method book in each lesson to give core and common lectures and playing demonstrations. We require students to have an open mind, fresh and ready to absorb new information, and to pay attention to each class’s instructions and details. Our “3F” cores: Focus, Follow and Flow will be a major theme throughout the learning process. Because piano learning involves many personal and emotional elements, we also offer individual coaching and diagnosis sessions available for your preference.
Class time is on Sunday at 7:30-8:15 PM for Age 9-Adults
                                            5:00-5:45 PM for Pre K-8 years old.
Extra offering in addition to the classes includes the following:
  • 12 Classes, each class for 45 minutes length (not 30 minutes)
  • Contents: 5 Cores development. Sight-Reading, Technique skills, Music Theory, Ear Training, how to read music notes in grand staff with Felicia’s method
  • Cover one comprehensive boost theory contest of MuKeyCo 
  • Monthly virtual performance
  • TA will help music theory homework Q & A (students will make a group with group Captain)
For our older students (9-Adult), don’t worry if you’re new to piano – our method will help you quickly and easily jump in. You just need to be open minded and follow our instructions. During this session, we will focus on learning how to sight-play melodies in the grand staff.  You will need the following books for this session: LaRella - second milestone, Theory daily exercises, Master of all majors and minors. Plus, you will learn more than 20 holiday songs, and you will be excited and proud to give holiday concerts at your house to family and friends. 
Ms. Zhang’s method focuses on developing your coordination of the 5 Cores (Eyes, Ears, Mind, Fingers, Feelings) and having the melody flow from your heart and soul. We teach you how to be independent, knowing how to read and enjoy music in an innovated method, instead of piece by piece during the fundamental learning stage. This will cut your learning length to a far shorter time than traditional ways. Ms. Zhang will offer master classes each month to PVF members. (please check PVF member benefits)
Please also understand we are all volunteers who contribute our professions, expertise, skills and time for this pledge and mission. We appreciate everyone’s coordination in following the guidelines and procedures.
PVF also gives awards and recognition to supporters and students. 
$100 PVF Basic Membership (Special Promotion for Covid-19 period by December 31, 2020, instead of regular $250 basic annual membership fee) offers valuable benefits including:
  • Monthly virtual piano performance online or onsite (when we are allowed to meet)
  • Master Class for essential component learning from Felicia Zhang and/or other master teachers
  • Once a month Q & A session online or with teacher
  • Get privilege invitation over non-members to attend special lectures and events
  • Activities hosted by PVF
  • Invitations to social gatherings and parties to meet new friends and network through same hobby
  • Discounts for participating in concert and for piano-related purchases, services etc.
Your generous contribution to the PVF campaign and pledge enables us to offer more outstanding programs and services which have earned us many distinguished recognition awards.
Your help also ensures that PVF can continue to be the educational and cultural inspiration to more and more people in our global community.
Thank you for your support and to all our member, leaders, volunteers and ambassadors.

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